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DeSensiDent delivers a concentrated dose of nano-Hydroxyapatite (nHAp™) to naturally remineralize and repair enamel, which reduces Sensitivity.

The DeSensiDent Kit comes with 4 Desensitizing nHAp™ Repairing Serum sponges, and 30ml nHAp™ ToothSerum.

DeSensiDent is a unique product based on the nano-Hydroxyapatite platform from PrevDent International BV.

DeSensiDent is intended to relieve tooth sensitivity that you get from cold, heat, acids and sweets.

DeSensiDent has two key components, which when used together, will effectively reduce sensitivity for an extended period of time. The first component, DeSensiDent tooth serum, is to be brushed on twice a day, replacing your current toothpaste. The second component, the DeSensiDent nHAp™ sponges, are then applied to the areas of sensitivity once a week.

How does DeSensiDent help to relieve tooth sensitivity?

Tooth sensitivity is caused by damaged enamel and receding gums, which leads to exposed dentinal tubules. These exposed areas allow fluid to move more freely within the tubules, pulling or pushing on your nerves. The result of this fluid movement, is the nerve sending a signal to the brain, that you perceive as tooth sensitivity. DeSensiDent uses a patented nano-Hydroxyapatite (nHAp™) formula to remineralize the exposed dentin tubules and repair the damaged enamel. The result of the remineralization is repair of the enamel, by covering the open tubules, which relieves sensitivity.